Minecraft PS4 edition, Review

If you, like me, have been a human being for the last few years (or more) then you will undoubtedly know/played/heard of Mojang’s Minecraft. A fun to play sandbox game that gives players the ability to build and craft whatever they wish, be it a structure to survive against monsters, or perhaps just let their creative mind do as they please while not having the threat of annoying monsters or other human players for that matter. And now the square orientated game has got even more better, it’s finally hit the PS4 console.

I won’t go into what the game is about, because as I’m sure you’re aware, everyone knows what happens in this game.
So what’s changed? That’s the most important thing isn’t it? As there’s more power available to players on the console, viewing is distanced dramatically.

For example, can’t see that mountain the distance? You can now. Can’t see that skeleton shooting you? You can know etc. But other than that, it’s just that the graphics are smoother and that the worlds are a  lot bigger.

That’s it though, nothing’s changed, it’s still multiplayer and split-screen and single player, the replay value is high but at the same time for perfectionists it’s quite low. Once you’ve got your trophies you can move onto the next game and never look back at Mincecraft. But the trophies are next to impossible to achieve, such as play 100 days online; no thanks Mojang; good luck next time.

To sum up, nothings changed unless you’re really anal about what games you play, and if you’re an eight year old boy; then well this game is perfect for you to spend 100 days of your life on and never regret…

Already have the game? Let us know what you think!