Deus Ex 3 was in development at some point

It has just been revealed that Deus Ex 3 was i develompent at some point. Joe Martin a journalist working for VideoBrains has reveled that the game was in development and was sadly cancelled. There were 2 different stories that the developers were to decide between. The upcoming quote is from Joes article. 

The first plot is about an augmented Black Ops soldier who goes AWOL upon discovering he’s been used for dodgy dealings. His handlers find him and threaten him with either court martial or his wife’s execution if he doesn’t do one final job. What’s interesting is that the missions would have fluctuated between flashbacks and new stories.

This plot seems very interesting and strays from the original story of the Deus Ex series.

The second story begins immediately after the ending for Deus Ex in which you destroy all global communications. In this story you’d investigate the collapse and try to save your sister from a cult which arises in the chaos”

This next story is more true to the lore of the series and would have answered alot of things that fans were left wondering.