Microsoft: You Can Plug a PS4 into an Xbox One, But Please Don’t

Yesterday we reported that after a few confirmation on how the HDMI ports would work on both system and getting confirmations from both camps, that the Xbox One would accept the signal from the PS4. It would be possible to play PS$ games vicariously through the Xbox One.

After such reports hit the web after Albert Panello, Microsoft’s senior director of product management and planning for the Xbox, talked with GameSpot, he went on NeoGAF to clarify his comments. According to Panello it was a quick question at the end of the demonstration and the original report made a bigger deal out of it than he had. He says in his post that it would be possible, but it won’t be a great experience.” It’s not just the PS4, he doesn’t recommend connecting an Xbox 360 this way either.

There are latency issues with HDMI that would make any “interactive” entertainment lag from having to run it through another machine like this. The input was built for passive video viewing, where latency doesn’t matter all that much if at all.

Still we got confirmation for HDMI video output for the PS4 out of this.