Upcoming PS4 Firmware Update Brings Video Editing

Sony has revealed some details as to what the future of the PlayStation 4 holds. An upcoming firmware update should be a crowd pleaser, at least for those who enjoy sharing and recording gameplay footage on both the Twitch service or by other means. Gamers can expect a video editor to be present where you … Read more

Microsoft: You Can Plug a PS4 into an Xbox One, But Please Don’t

Yesterday we reported that after a few confirmation on how the HDMI ports would work on both system and getting confirmations from both camps, that the Xbox One would accept the signal from the PS4. It would be possible to play PS$ games vicariously through the Xbox One. After such reports hit the web after … Read more

PS4 to Allow Video Capture Through HDMI

Sony announced at their TGS keynote that their upcoming console, the PlayStation 4, will allow players to capture video of games through the HDMI cable. Sony’s head of third-party relations Brad Douglas followed up on Twitter saying that “Details will follow soon.” This comes after reports that there would be issues for video capture concerning … Read more