Microsoft boss admits Xbox One X won’t outsell the base model due to this reason

The much awaited Xbox One X was fully unveiled at E3 2017 and the console has definitely impressed us. However the $500 price tag has raised a few questions about the target audience of the console.

Xbox head Phil Spencer, in a recent interview with Metro  admitted that the new console is sort of targeted at the hardware fanatics but not at the base audience. He also added that Xbox One S will sell more that Xbox One X because most of the gamers are not interested in 4K or teraflops.

Image: Polygon

He said, “We have two consoles in our line: Xbox One S, now for sale for $249 in the US, and Xbox One X, the most powerful console to date. And the majority of consoles we will sell next year will be the S. There’s no doubt about that. Because most of most of the people will say, ‘I just want a console that plays the games I wanna play.’

Our Xbox One S will sell the most because most people are not into how many [teraflops] does this have versus someone else. Most people just want to go play games. And the breadth of games we showed was critical to me, for young and old, male and female. I wanted to make sure we had a great cross section, because at the end of the day the majority of people just wanna buy a console, put a controller in their hands, and play games they’re gonna enjoy.”

This could sound a bit surprising because they have just launched a super powerful console but Spencer does have a point. He went to say that most of the gamers don’t even care about framerate.

Image: PC World

“Developers are incentivized to give you the best experience they can. We can both agree on that. So, if they think it’s 60fps and that’s gonna help them, in terms of selling more copies of the game, they’re gonna be all in. But not everybody understands what 60fps vs. 30fps means.”

The world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X will be available from Novemer 7, 2017.