GTA 5 is hammered with negative Steam reviews by players due to terrible reason

Till a few days ago, GTA V’s PC version was a game that seemed like it can do nothing wrong. Since it’s release, it was always leaning towards “Mostly Positive” steam reviews.

However, everything changed due to one wrong move by its parent company Take Two Interactive. The publisher of the game decided to shut down the popular GTA V modding tool OpenIV, and fans of the game haven’t taken kindly to the news.

There has been a huge fallout with scores of GTA V players leaving negative reviews for the game, calling out Rockstar for removing something vital from the game. It’s been so much that recent review scores now rate the game as “Mostly Negative” on its Steam page.

That’s not all, a petition with over 47,000 signatures has also emerged on demanding Take Two lift the ban from the modding tool. Coming back to Steam, out of more than 23,000 reviews left in the last 30 days, only 21% are currently positive.

We hope Take Two Interactive and the community of GTA 5 come to an agreement on this matter soon.