Marvel’s Wolverine Has A ‘Mature Tone’, Insomniac Games Says

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine will have a “mature tone”, as many initially feared it would be a watered-down take.

Insomniac Games pulled off an awesome one-two punch at last week’s PlayStation Showcase. The studio surprise revealed Marvel’s Wolverine, before also showing off an in-game trailer of Spider-Man 2. Both games are some way away, as Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for 2023 and Wolverine doesn’t have a date. However, it didn’t stop fans from speculating on the nature of both games.

One point of concern was the level of violence that would be present in Wolverine. However, in a seeming attempt to ease concerns, Insomniac has announced that Wolverine will have a “mature tone”.

Credit: Insomniac Games


Many fans are buzzing that Wolverine will be recieving the Spider-Man treatment. Insomniac’s Spider-Man remains to be one of the best games available on PlayStation consoles. However, Spider-Man’s kid friendly approach to violence, doesn’t quite line up with a character like Wolverine.

Across both comic and film, Wolverine is a violent antihero. With a bad temper and the experience of many wars, Wolverine has no aversion to killing. In Insomniac’s Spider-Man, even enemies kicked off of building are stuck to the side by webs. When one fan questioned the nature of Wolverine, Insomniac’s Creative Director stated that it would be “full size” and feature a “mature tone”.

Credit: Twitter

Horton was keen to clear the air over the size issues many had with Miles Morales. Despite being an excellent experience, Miles Morales was a far smaller game than Spider-Man. This annoyed some fans who found the price point too high considering its length. Luckily this won’t be the case with Marvel’s Wolverine.

It is nice to get confirmation on the tone of Wolverine. Watching back on the trailer, the art style and setting did hint at a darker game than Spider-Man. We’ll have to hold off to see what rating the game will recieve as it nears release. However, Wolverine is said to be in early development, so it’ll likely be a while before we hear much more.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ Insomniac Games