Man steals $4.8 million from work, spends most of it on a terrible videogame

When a man embezzled nearly 5 million dollars from the company he worked for, he wasn’t using it for any noble cause.

This isn’t Robin Hood we’re dealing with, he wasn’t feeding a village, he wasn’t stealing from the rich to give to the poor, he was only feeding his own staggering addiction to that mobile game which had the Kate Upton Super Bowl ad. War Game of Clash or whatever it was called…


Just being caught playing this game is embarrassing enough, can you imagine being caught spending a MILLION dollars on it?

Kevin Lee Co worked as the manager of the accounting department at Holt of California, but still had no idea how to be responsible with money, and instead lived out some kind of weird baller fantasy as he blew through 5 million dollars on things like:

  • Luxury cars
  • Expensive new furniture for his home
  • Season tickets for NBA and NFL teams
  • And of course, a huge chunk of it went towards Game of War.

He got away with this from 2008 all the way until 2015, and was engaging in a scheme to launder the money during the process, but apparantly he’s not such a slick accountant afterall because he wasn’t able to cover his traces and he ultimately got busted.

image: rockstar games
image: rockstar games

Sentencing takes place next year, and he could get up to 20 years in jail. He could be forced to pay $250,000 in wire fraud fines, and $500,000… Not a bad deal! Depending on which charges stick and what they’re able to prove, he could still end up with enough running around money to to dominate some kingdoms.