Lost Ark New Animal Skin Showcase – Check Out The Gratitude Pack

Looking for a new Lost Ark new animal skin? Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio are finally giving players the gratitude their western players deserve by making the previously Korean exclusive Gratitude Pack available for everyone. The main question on everyone’s lips is, what’s included?

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Well, the main takeaway from this guide is that these skins hold no in-game value and they don’t affect any stats. Whilst the skins are purely cosmetic, it adds a bit of fun and customisation for players who don’t take Lost Ark too seriously.

Rather than trawling the Lost Ark forums and different web pages collecting all the information, we’ve done it for you. Check out every Lost Ark new animal skin below, categorised into type and male or female versions (here’s hoping for a non-binary option in a later update).

Lost Ark Pupper Skins – Lost Ark New Animal Skin

Male Pupper Skins

Female Pupper Skins

Lost Ark Penguin Skins – Lost Ark New Animal Skin

Male Penguin Skins

Female Penguin Skins

Lost Ark Rat-Keteer Skins – Lost Ark New Animal Skin

Male Rat-Keteer Skins

Female Rat-Keteer Skins

Lost Ark Buck Beak Skins

Male Buck Beak Skins

Female Buck Beak

Lost Ark Meowdy Skins

Male Meowdy Skins

Female Meowdy Skins

Lost Ark Moo Cow Skins

Male Moo Cow Skins

Female Moo Cow Skins

Lost Ark Dragon Skins

Male Dragon Skins

Female Dragon Skins


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