Lost Ark Coin Of Courage: What Is It And How To Earn It?

Lost Ark has introduced a brand new currency to the game, known as Coin of Courage – but what is it, and how do you earn it?

The new March update for Lost Ark has landed, bringing with it a whole host of new content for players to get stuck into. One such facet of the new content is the competitive PvP arena. Most other MMO games feature a PvP arena like this, so it’s great to see Smilegate catch up in this regard.

With the new gameplay feature comes a new currency to earn – in Lost Ark, it’s known as Coin of Courage. But how do you earn it? More importantly, how do you spend it?

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Lost Ark Coin of Courage – How To Earn It

To earn Coin of Courage, you’ll need to participate in PvP events. As it stands, that includes the arenas and the competitive proving grounds that are coming later in the season. Once you’ve accumulated enough of the Coin, you should be able to start spending it on cosmetic items. From early estimates, it seems that you should be able to earn about 50 Coins of Courage every hour, if you’re good at the game.

Coin of Courage – How To Spend It

It’s very easy to spend the new currency that you’ve earned. First of all, you’ll need to head to one of the PvP vendors that are dotted around the map. There are plenty of things that you can spend the coins on, too. New cosmetic items adorn the shelves of vendors, including outfits and new titles.

Alternatively, you can simply exchange your Coins of Courage for traditional currency. The choice is completely up to you.


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