Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coin: What Is It And Where To Spend It?

The March update for Lost Ark has brought with it a brand new currency to earn, but how do you unlock and spend Arkesia Event Coin?

While the March update brought plenty of endgame raid and story content, it’s the Arkesia Grand Prix that catches the eye the most. For when you’ve had enough of fighting, the Arkesia Grand Prix is where you’ll go to let off some steam in a virtual race. Just in time for the start of the new Formula 1 season, too!

It sees two teams of seven players transform into cute little triceratops creatures. The competitive nature comes from trying to stop the other team from progressing. For some reason, this involves eating cakes? I’m not entirely sure how it all works.

Lost Ark Coin of Courage
Credit: Amazon/Smilegate

Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coin

Anyhow, completing this event will earn you a new coin to spend in Lost Ark, known as the Arkesia Event Coin. Once you’ve earned enough of this new currency, you’ll be able to spend it at one of the nearby merchants. There, you can purchase new cosmetic items or new player titles for your character. It’s definitely worth completing a fair few of these races if you want to unlock some awesome new content.

To spend your currency, simply look for the nearby Arkesian Grand Prix Manager. They can be located in any main city. Happy spending!

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