Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colours – Lets Grab The Dawn Chamkuri Too

If a player has logged 20 consecutive days logging into Lost Ark, they will be treated to a 20th Day Milestone Login reward. For those waiting for a bit of variation in Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colours, this is the reward you’ve been waiting for. Players will be able to choose from five new Chamkiru designs, although none of them contains the Dawn Chamkiru unfortunately. More on that later!

Credit: Merithria of Lost Ark Forums

Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colours

There’s now a Lost Ark Chamkiru Mount colour to match any mood or playstyle, but users should pick carefully as they can only keep one mount:

  • Soda Chamkuri: With a crimson tail and baby blue everywhere else, this Chamkuri features creamy yellow highlights to break up this powder colour hue.
  • Mango Chamkuri: Looking more like a pineapple in practice, this Chamkuri has a bright yellow body and a lush green tail end.
  • Berry Chamkuri: A Parrot would be jealous of this colour selection thanks to its bold red body, vibrant green tail and yellow highlights.
  • Peach Chamkuri: Pink is the main theme here. With a baby pink body and darker pink tail, we’re thinking that this is more of a Christmas Turkey theme than anything else.
  • Kiwi Chamkuri: A lime green and graduation of a deep red, orange, then yellow makes this Chamkuri stand out from the crowd.

There are no special abilities or statistics attached to a particular colour, so users just have to worry about which colour palette they’d prefer.

Credit: Dot eSports

Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colours – Dawn Chamkuri

Unfortunately, the Dawn Chamkuri isn’t included in this 20th-day Milestone Lost Ark Chamkuri mount colours treat. However, here’s a quick guide on how to get one. Firstly, users will need to have an item level of 460 minimum, which also means players will need to get Shushire out of the way to get to Rohendel.

In one of the Quests in Rohendel users will find the Wizard Digne as one of the areas NPC quest-givers. Simply complete the given quest to receive the Dawn Chamkuri mount. What’s more? You’ll now have both the Dawn Chamkuri alongside a Chamkuri Mount Colour of your choice.

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