Killzone Shadow Fall Graphics is the True Face of Amazing Next-Gen Visuals

Killzone Shadow Fall is a masterpiece of a game when you examine the graphics, it has got to one of the best looking games in history when combined with the powerful next gen consoles.

A user on NeoGAF, was awesome enough to post some images of the amazing game taken with screenshots. He combined numerous pictures to create one impressive panorama image.

The user on NeoGAF goes by the screen name of HolyFridge, who collected the eye-catching shots himself. He explains how it took thirty or more screenshot of the game to create one stunning image.  When the images were combined, you can really see how amazing the visuals look. All the effort performed by Guerrilla Games was not an effort wasted.

Check out the images in the gallery below (Click on image for fullscreen):

Guerrilla Games released Killzone Shadow Fall alongside the PS4 when it was launched, as a PS4 exclusive game. The graphics are truly breathtaking and this gets us wondering how much better visuals will look in the coming years, when developers begin to understand the next-gen consoles better.

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