GameStop Cuts the Price of the Xbox One.. AGAIN

Today in the UK, GameStop slashes the price of the Xbox One TitanFall bundle, which is pretty shocking considering that they have already dramatically reduced the retail value of that bundle before.

The Xbox One TitanFall bundle is on sale for £369.97, which happens to be £30 more than Sony’s PS4. The bundle contains an Xbox One, a Kinect, free Xbox Live Gold Subscription for 1 month, and of course a copy of the TitanFall game.

Check out the screenshot below:


Should Sony be concerned for that £30 gap that can buy the consumer a Kinect and TitanFall? TitanFall is an Xbox One exclusive title that has been described as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but with robots. Many are excited for the game, but we don’t know just yet how popular it may get.

It has only been three months, and the Xbox One is already dropping prices and giving out discounts for their items. Giving out the years biggest game exclusive for free, just to peddle your slow selling game console is pretty desperate. Sounds like they are in panic mode, and this might just be the game changing tactic that Microsoft needed to take over the console wars.

Why do you think Microsoft has pulled such a bold move like this? Comment below.