Killzone Shadow Fall 1.30 Patch Now Available

If you log on your PSN account you’ll find that a new patch is ready for download in Killzone Shadow Fall. Guerrilla Games has revealed what the patch will do as it brings your video game to version 1.30.

According to the official Killzone website, the following will be included in the 1.30 patch.

  • Fix 180 degree spawn camera

In MP when you spawn you won’t be facing the opposite direction of which the camera was facing.

  •  Added a message on spawn in coop

A special message will appear when you are incapacitated which will make it more clear that if you choose to spawn you will need to pay or wait for a revive.

  • Tier icons now unlock correctly

It is now easier to see which guns you are able to unlock.

  • Flow of end of round

The flow of the end of the round is now much smoother.

  • Fixed several bugs

Patch 1.30 fixes several minor bugs related to Intercept and multiplayer.

Mainly it seems that the patch fixes some small bugs and will be adding support for the new maps that will be available later this month.