Katt Williams Just Got Beat Up By a Bunch of 14 Year Old Kids

It’s become pretty clear recently that famed comedian Kat Williams has absolutely lost his damn mind. In a video leaked on Twitter yesterday, Katt is shown sucker punching a 14-year-old in a neighborhood altercation, which leads to a scuffle and Katt being strangled.

YouTube video

After the fight, another camera filmed Katt on the ground where his behavior became increasingly bizarre. He chatted playfully with the 7th graders as though he just had a harmless schoolyard fight, despite the fact that he is a 42 year old celebrity millionaire.


If you are unfamiliar with his recent string of bizarre behavior, Katt was filmed at a Beanie Siegel show a few weeks back acting reckless, before throwing a punch and getting his ass kicked:

YouTube video