John Smedley Announces H1Z1 Maps Will Be Massive

The upcoming zombie themed title from Sony known as H1Z1 will contain massive maps. In fact, Sony plans on adding to the maps frequently as they witness how many players join in.

SOE head, John Smedley, took to Reddit to follow up on the recent H1Z1 announcement. John discussed how the maps for each server will be massive and will only get bigger as time goes on. Developers will have the ability to add even more massive areas to existing maps quite easily.

Right now, there’s no word as to how many players will be on any given server though Sony did mention that they would love to have thousands of players. In-order to give player that post-apocalyptic feel, the maps will have to be massive.

Sony’s John Smedley makes mention that when you come across another player, your first instinct will be to hide instead of engaging. Though, you will come across herds of zombies, so you’re not necessarily alone the entire time playing.

Once further information is released for Sony’s upcoming H1Z1, we’ll keep you posted here at PlayStation Gang.