Planetside Arena Has A Battle Royale And A 250 v 250 Mode And Releases Soon

Battle royale games may have seen their popularity soar in 2018, but it seems the trend is set to continue for 2019. The maker of H1Z1 and the Planetside games, Daybreak Game Company, has just announced its own venture into the battle royale genre, and it looks pretty special. Planetside Arena is a match-based multiplayer FPS that’ll … Read more

Brand New H1Z1 Screenshots Released

Sony’s upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO, H1Z1, has brand new screenshots showing off some the zombies and settings. New details have been released regarding the zombies within H1Z1 as wel, all of which can be viewed down below. Sony Online Entertainment has revealed an upcoming MMO video game known as H1Z1 not too long ago. H1Z1 is … Read more

John Smedley Announces H1Z1 Maps Will Be Massive

The upcoming zombie themed title from Sony known as H1Z1 will contain massive maps. In fact, Sony plans on adding to the maps frequently as they witness how many players join in. SOE head, John Smedley, took to Reddit to follow up on the recent H1Z1 announcement. John discussed how the maps for each server will … Read more

Sony Reveals Upcoming PS4 Zombie Themed MMO H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment president, John Smedley revealed H1Z1 an upcoming PlayStation 4 zombie themed MMO. Sony promises some very big ideas that will make this game different from other zombie themed titles out in the market today. As mentioned, H1Z1 a zombie themed MMO game where the world is left with infected humans and it’s your goal … Read more