Planetside Arena Has A Battle Royale And A 250 v 250 Mode And Releases Soon

Battle royale games may have seen their popularity soar in 2018, but it seems the trend is set to continue for 2019.

The maker of H1Z1 and the Planetside games, Daybreak Game Company, has just announced its own venture into the battle royale genre, and it looks pretty special.

Credit: Daybreak Game Company

Planetside Arena is a match-based multiplayer FPS that’ll launch with two modes:

Massive Clash: a group v group battle with a massive 250 people on each side.

Battle royale: featuring 150 players for solos and teams of three.

Credit: Daybreak Game Company

Daybreak has confirmed it plans to add other modes post-launch, including a team deathmatch mode.

If you’re wondering whether Planetside Arena is going to be able to take on the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, it’s probably not going to have as many players because it’s going to be available only on Steam – and it won’t be free to play.

Two editions of the game will be available at launch, costing either $19.99 for the standard edition or $39.99 for the special.

Credit: Daybreak Game Company

Speaking to PC Gamer, Arena’s lead designer and executive producer confirmed that within the battle royale mode you’ll be able to play as one of three classes. Each class offers its own unique ability and passive skill and you can pick from the assault class, the engineer or the medic.

Check out the official site to find out more. Planetside Arena will release 29th January 2019. Are you excited for this?