Jack Black Finally Plays Some Video Games In Latest YouTube Upload

By now, you should know that Jack Black, comedic legend, star of School of Rock and one half of the flawless Tenacious D has started his own gaming YouTube channel.

Despite already having a massive following as a celebrity, no-one really expected the channel to take off like it has, but it’s already got millions of subscribers and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Credit: Jack Black

For a while, he didn’t upload any footage of him actually playing games… on his gaming channel.

Instead, his 2.5 million subs had the pleasure of viewing two short videos, neither of which is over a minute long.

Guess we don’t have to worry about JB pushing his videos to 10:01 minutes…

YouTube video

However, he’s now (kind of) uploaded gaming content.

I say ‘kind of’, because… well… it’s not really what you’d expect from a gaming YouTube channel.

Basically, it’s two minutes of him wandering around an arcade, bowling, playing on a dance mat, and humming tunes from Undertale.

YouTube video

The response to his channel has been widely positive.

Twitter is showing pretty much nothing but love for the celebrity. Maybe PewDiePie needs to stop worrying about T-Series and start worrying about Jablinski Games…

Credit: Jack Black

So, what do people want to see him play?

Brutal Legend, of course, the game Jack Black lent his voice to back when it first released.

Have you subscribed to Jack Black yet?

Featured image credit: Jack Black/YouTube