Ariana Grande Just Got A Huge Pokémon Tattoo

Ariana Grande has made it no secret that she’s a fan of getting the occasional inking on her body, and she recently revealed on social media to her fans that she had added to her ever-growing collection. Check it out…

Her latest edition to body artwork is an Eevee from Pokémon, and if you’re not a fan of the game and show, then you probably didn’t realise that Eevee is actually known as the character for evolution. It has also been noted that Eevee has an ‘irregularly shaped genetic structure’, which then enables the character to evolve into multiple Pokémon, and they are one of the rarest types to come across within the Pokémon universe.

As you can imagine, the Arianators went absolutely WILD for the tattoo on social media, with many rushing to let the singer know just how much they loved her latest edition.

[Photo Credit: Pokémon: Let’s Go]

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Featured image credit: Instagram/Ariana Grande/Pokemon