Is Warzone’s New Map Enough To Bring Streamers Back To The Game?

Will streamers who have sworn off Call of Duty return to Warzone? The recent reveal of the new Warzone Pacific map might be enough to entice some back.

Anticipation for the Vanguard update to Warzone is building. After its multiplayer reveal this week, Activision gave us our first look at the new Warzone map, which will feature a Pacific setting. The new map looks like a visual breath of fresh air for the Battle Royale. I think everyone at this point is a little fed up of Verdansk.

The new map even managed to catch the attention of NICKMERCS who temporarily swore himself off Warzone. And it looks like the new map will bring him back.

Credit: Activision


NICKMERCS was one of the many high-profile Warzone streamers to leave the game amid its ongoing cheating issues. This is an issue that Activision have recently addressed in a really funny way. Despite leaving the game however, Nick ‘NICKMERC’ Kolcheff said he would “probably” go back to try out the new map after watching its reveal.

In a recent video, NICKMERCS claimed that he had always wanted an island theme for the next map, and that the new map looks “phenomenal”. He stated, however, that he still wasn’t a fan of World War 2 setting.

YouTube video

Kolcheff went on to explain how he had been enjoying Apex Legends since he left Warzone. And despite his interest in the new map, the streamer said: “I don’t think I’ll ever permanently go back to Call of Duty“. Despite liking the look of the new map, it seems that bridges have been burned between the streamer and the franchise.

NICKMERCS did go on to address the new anti-cheat system that is making its way to Warzone with the Vanguard update. He even went as far to call it a “big W” for the Call of Duty community. The Call of Duty Warzone Pacific map doesn’t have a release date as of yet. Activision have stated that the new map will launch soon after the release of Call of Duty Vanguard. I have my hopes that it will launch with the kick-off of Vanguard’s first season on November 23rd.

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Featured Image Credit: NICKMERCS