Injustice 2 Creative Director Reveals Who Will Win A Fight Between Batman and Sub-Zero

Ed Boon who is the Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios was recently interviewed by DC Entertainment. He and Rahul Kohli had a small but interesting talk about the Injustice 2.

In the previous game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series was included in the game roster. However, this year the message was clear. The fans preferred Sub-Zero over Scorpion and NetherRealm Studios did just that. The developers also included different variations of him in the game such as having a mask and a hood.

During the interview, Kohli asked Ed Boon who would win a fight between Batman and Sub-Zero.

His answer though seemed very forced: “I guess since we’re here to talk up Sub-Zero I’m gonna say Sub-Zero.”

Nonetheless, since he is considered the father of Mortal Kombat it is unlikely he would have said otherwise. On the other hand, DC Access’ Rahul Kohli was in favor of Batman. It is hard to pick a side between those two since they are both very powerful characters.