Player loses the world’s highest Xbox Gamerscore but for a very good reason

Gamerscore is part of the Xbox ecosystem which is made up of all of the points you earn for earning achievements in Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Many gamers throughout the years have completed achievements in order to increase their Gamerscore.

Many people have achieved some high numbers but it’s the case of Raymond “Stallion83” Cox which has been the most impressive.

Until recently, Stallion83 had the highest Gamerscore in the world, an incredible 1,585,894. He was even rewarded with a Xbox One Live Gold lifetime membership when he got over one million Gamerscore.

However, it seems as that’s not the case anymore. A gamer by the name Stephen “smrnov” Rowe surpassed the previous Guinness Word Record holder with a Gamerscore of 1,592,280.

This is bad news for Stallion83 but it turns out there is a good reason he lost the first place. In a recent reply to an Xbox Achievements’ tweet   he said: “I’ve been too busy having all the sex.” Cox was recently married and has been enjoying his honeymoon with his loved one. As you may have guessed, he didn’t have time to play video games during that period.

Rowe, on the other hand, made a statement on Trueachievements thanking everyone for congratulating him

First off, thanks to everyone who sent messages of congrats, I appreciate it. I think it surprised most of you and myself really as it was never my goal to overtake Stallion83.

Cox is now still trying to keep track with the competition and he is planning on reaching an astonishing 2 million Gamerscore. We will have to wait and see who will be the first one to reach the 2 million milestone.