15 years later, here’s why a Gamer was duct-taped to a ceiling

More than a decade ago, the internet came across some bizarre images of teenagers. The images included kids playing on their computers, presumably having a LAN party.

Gathering in basements with everyone bringing their PC was common in the early 2000s. However what sparked the attention of many was a kid duct-taped on the ceiling.

The hilarious images had remained a mystery. No one knew what really happened that night apart from those who attended the LAN party. Many people on the internet claimed that were part of the team and others that knew the team personally.

Kotaku did a research on the topic and managed to find the original source of the images.  Brian Schaeffer was the one that captured the eye-catching photos of the team in summer of 2002.

They originate in a basement on Manson, Michigan, many of the locations where the group used to meet up. Like any other LAN party, the most played game on these occasions was Counter-Strike.

In fact, at the time the frames were pictured, it was just a normal night for the friends. However, Tyler, a LAN attendee had a brilliant idea. “I think you can duct tape someone to that I-beam.”, he said.

Indeed, the team did just that. They collected the necessary equipment and Drew was going to be the lucky guy to be duct taped. Although we get to witness photos of him on the ceiling, a second attempt of taping was needed. To explain, when he first got taped, he would start feeling pain so he asked his friends to cut it. On the second try, they included some pillows so he would be comfortable.

It was at that point that someone had the idea of stacking some desks in order for Drew to play on his PC while he was hanging from the ceiling. “That is the funniest part about the picture. Gaming from the beam was a complete afterthought.”, Nick told Kotaku.

Drew decided to post the hilarious photos on many gaming forums. The response was so great that the team couldn’t keep track with all the places the images appeared.

Ever since then, the memorable photos have been surfacing the web every once in a while. According to Jonathan, when this happens, it is like a meet-up with the friends that took part that night.

At the present time, some of them have lost connection with each other while others still play videogames together. That is to say, a future LAN party would be difficult to accomplish, especially now that they are adults.

The images will surely remain here for an eternity and will be a reminder of how things were back then.