Pokemon Go Guide: How to add on-screen line to help you throw Pokeballs better

All of us have faced the problem of throwing Poke Balls accurately while attempting to catch a Pokemon. It is not easy to throw the Poke Ball accurately each time, and we end up throwing it too far to the left, right or off the screen entirely. Imagine the amount of frustration you can get while attempting to catch a rare Pokemon, only to have it run away due to a bad throw.

However, the days of worry are now gone as we have found a guide which will help you throw the Poke Ball correctly. The guide will only work on Android devices, as iOS phones don’t have a way of implementing this.

Source: go-poke.tk
Source: go-poke.tk

The guide was posted in Reddit by hotinferno and it is explained below:



1. First, open the Google Play Store and search for the “Screen Overlays” app. It should look like this:


2. After downloading it, open the app and tap the 3 lines on top left corner of your screen.


3. Move to the settings option and turn on the “Active” switch.



4. Go back to the overlays by tapping the 3 lines once again.

5. You’ll then find one green circle with the ‘+’ sign, which is on the bottom left of your screen. Tap that circle and you should now have ‘Overlay 1.’

6. You should get the following screen after tapping the circle.



7. Leave all other options untouched except color and opacity. You can change them as you wish.

8. Your next step will be to tap on the ‘set position’ option, which is at the bottom of your screen.

9. You’ll now be on a new screen and you’ll need to move the sliders on the left side until you get this.



10. Then tap the back button on your phone and pull down your notification area to disable the line (for now) by tapping the eye.


11. Return to your home screen and open up Pokémon GO.

12. When you get into a Pokémon encounter, just pull down your notification area again and enable the line by tapping the eye. Voilà! You now have a line to help guide your throws.


Hopefully this will help you better throw your Pokeballs and capture more Pokemon in Pokemon Go.