Hidden GTA 5 Characters That Will Change the Way You Play the Game

In 2014 the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and soon after it came to the PC and it wasn’t just focused on graphically improving the original title, it also featured a new, secret way of playing the game. We’re referring to the twenty-seven Peyote plants that can be found throughout the Los Santos map that offer players the opportunity of stepping into the shoes of some pretty unique characters.
If you consume the root of such a plant you’re going to experience intense hallucinations that will make you believe you are inhabiting the body of an animal. Depending on the area where you’ve found the Peyote plant, the critters you turn into can vary and, in the list below, we’re going to unveil the best hidden characters that will definitely change the way you play GTA 5.

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