10 Sophisticated Crimes That Were Committed With Drones

Nowadays drones are a big part of our lives, they offer a new perspective over the world and more and more people are buying such a device due to the companies constantly lowering the prices. But these unmanned flying vehicles can also be used for malicious purposes and in this video you will be finding out exactly how people use them to commit all kinds of illegal activities. From drug smuggling to police counter spying, here are 10 crimes committed using drones.

Drone Films Cashpoint

A drone was allegedly used to film a cashpoint in Templepatrick, Northern Ireland, as people were entering their pin codes. An eyewitness reported to the police forces that when the drone was spotted, it flew off and crashed into a taxi, the handler being apprehended and forced to pay compensation for the damage done. Even though it was hard to prove that the flying device was used with criminal intents, filming a cashpoint is still considered kind of illegal.

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Heroin Delivery in Ohio Prison

After a drone dropped a package of heroin, tobacco and marijuana in the courtyard of an Ohio prison, nine inmates got into a violent clash, leaving the officers no choice but to use pepper spray on them and strip search another 205 prisoners. This incident is just one of many instances when drones have been used to deliver packages to convicts, raising an unprecedented problem for the legal forces and making them reinforce their security across many prisons.

Mobile Phone Flown into Australian Jail

Not only UK and United States prisoners get the privilege of receiving drugs and tobacco from the outside via drone delivery. In 2014, a 28 year old man tried to smuggle a mobile phone and a pack of drugs into a maximum security prison in Melbourne. Thought to be the first attempt of this kind to ever happen in Australia, this drone related crime was carried out from a car parked outside the prison, the man responsible for it being immediately apprehended.

Drug Distribution in British Jail

Last year, in April, a drone carrying drugs for an inmate at the Manchester jail missed its target by an inch but was still spotted by a vigilant guard who was astonished to see the flying vehicle hover above the prison premises. The handler of the drone tried to make it as inconspicuous as possible, painting it black to camouflage it with the night sky, but he couldn’t deliver the contraband package to his friend. Instead, he managed to become the subject of international news.