Here’s What We Learned From The Halo Infinite Campaign Launch Trailer

With just over a week to go before launch, the Halo Infinite Campaign launch trailer has dropped and we’ve learned a few bits of information!

The highly-anticipated campaign will come out on December 8th. In Halo Infinite, players will once again play as the Master Chief as he finds himself on a new Halo ring, Zeta Halo.

The launch trailer doesn’t show off much we haven’t seen before, but it does certainly bring the hype. The music, the visuals, Master Chief’s one-liners – they’re all here. Take a look for yourself below.

YouTube video

What’s New?

A couple new things were shown, so if you want to be 100% spoiler free then turn away now.

In the trailer we see what looks like a Banished ship crashing into the UNSC Infinity. Fans may remember the UNSC Infinity as the huge ship that essentially acts as humanity’s main base of operations. Things don’t seem to be going so well for it in Infinite – soon after we see an array of “deceased” tags for what seem to be members of the UNSC.

The Banished are aiming to fire the Halo ring, and it’s up to Master Chief to stop them. He’ll have the help of a new A.I called the Weapon, which is reminiscent of Cortana. We also see more of the paranoid pilot character who has been in pretty much every trailer since 2019.

Overall, Halo Infinite’s campaign is looking like a big step forwards for the franchise. It seems to be evolving the Halo formula while paying homage to its roots in Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries