Here’s Our First Look At Battlefield 2042 Cosmetics

Amid the mania of EA finally announcing a beta, we also got our first look at Battlefield 2042 cosmetics, and I want them.

Players will finally be able to get their hands on Battlefield 2042, when the open beta launches on October 8th. It will feature 128 player matches for next-gen players, and will show of the explosive Orbital map.

We have known very little about the progression system in Battlefield 2042, or how players will earn new cosmetics. However, a recent post from EA detailed every we need to know about it, and gave us our first look at Battlefield 2042 cosmetics.

YouTube video


Players will be able to rank up to level 99 upon launch. Levels will unlock weapons, gadgets, specialists, vehicles and a bunch of cosmetics. It seems that earlier levels will focus on unlocks that make a difference to gameplay to allow you to find your playstyle.

Weapon mastery sounds like where a lot of the fun is at however. Players will be able to unlock more attachments as they complete challenges. But these challenges also include cosmetics. EA gave the example of getting 40 kills on the M5A3, will grant you this sleek red-tinted skin.

Credit: EA/DICE

I can become obsessive with a levelling system, and I am buzzing to see it implemented into Battlefield 2042. The last couple of entries felt way too light in their cosmetic options. Or at least cosmetic items that can be earned in game. These cosmetics are seemingly all available through the base game, and don’t touch the “extensive” battle pass content.

Credit: EA/DICE

If you fancied the look of that sick M5A3 skin, then you can grab a matching helicopter and outfit skin to go with it. Cosmetics will range in rarities, much like Apex Legends, and are marked by common, rare, epic, and legendary ratings. The three lower cosmetics can be mix and matched, but legendary gear is a singular outfit.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ DICE