This Hardcore Gamer Lives in a Pimped Out Storage Unit with 4K Gaming Setup

Is a storage locker really that much different than an apartment? Well, yeah, but not if you’re this guy…

After giving up his apartment for a hiking trip, he was planning to live in his car, but decided that he could do one better.

He ran an extension cord along the wall, attached to the existing line with zip-ties, and basically just hopes that nobody notices that one of the storage lockers has a cord running into it.


He’s got a couch, a bed, some decorations, a toaster oven, dishes, a fridge, anything else you’d need, even a latch so that he can lock his unit from the inside.

“I have all the amenities you would find in an apartment, just in a very tiny space, and I built everything so I’m ready to access anything and I don’t have to waste time. The only real thing I don’t have in here is a washer and dryer, which is not a problem.” – 007craft

Here’s his bar: 


There’s storage in the ceiling where he keeps games, he’s got surround sound speakers that can slide around to reveal more storage.


His sink is a 25L container filled with water with custom valves and tubes, it’s pretty clever overall, but his 4K gaming setup takes the cake.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 8.14.17 PM

He’s got a 4K tv hooked up to his computer so that he can browse the web, play games, and enjoy glorious 4K HD while doing it.

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