Halo Xbox 360 Servers Have Officially Shut Down

The classic Halo games have officially gone offline on Xbox 360 after the servers were shut down this week.

Games affected include Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, ODST, Combat Evolved Anniversary and Spartan Assault. All of these titles have had their online services discontinued on 360. Most of them are available on the Master Chief Collection though, so there are still ways to play them online.

A tweet by Halo Support reads: “Online services for legacy Halo Xbox 360 titles have been discontinued. The affected games will remain playable indefinitely, but some experiences will be impacted.”

Halo 3 players help fan get their final achievement before server closure |  Windows Central
Credit: 343 Industries

You can still play all the games offline if you want, but matchmaking has been disabled. It was pretty sad to see the Halo 3 map totally dark after the servers went down.

Halo Memories

Many fans have been sharing stories from their last days playing the 360 games. Whether it’s playing online until the last second or trying to get achievements before the end, players came together to celebrate the legacy of Halo on 360.

Many people grew up with these classic Halo games, and the server shut down feels like the end of an era. Gaming has changed so much since the 360’s release, and the social aspect of games like Halo 3 and Reach isn’t easily replicated.

Every 360 game aside from Wars and Spartan Assault are playable online on the Master Chief Collection. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is not impacted.

Did you play the Halo games on 360? Let us know your best memories of the classic games on our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries