Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Progression Is Kinda Slow

Players can finally get their hands on Halo Infinite, but some are finding the battle pass to be a bit too slow to progress through.

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer portion launched on Halo’s 20th anniversary, surprising fans with an early release. Although 343 Industries says the game is in beta, Season 1 of the game, Heroes of Reach, is online and players can buy the first battle pass.

All Halo Infinite Season 1: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass rewards - Charlie  INTEL
Credit: 343 Industries

However, it soon becomes clear that progression is extremely slow. Many players put in 4-5 hours on release day and found themselves going up just 2 or 3 levels. It seems that completing it requires a huge amount of time.

Battle Pass Progression

The only way to level up your battle pass is by completing challenges every week. You get a set amount of challenges to complete, ranging from easy to hard. You also get XP by completing matches, but some of these challenges require 3 or 4 match completions before you get any reward.

The difficulty of the challenges is surprising, with some requiring extremely specific feats. For example, some challenges ask you to get kills with Banshees or Shade Turrets, which can be very difficult to pull off due to how rare they are. This leaves players with no XP after some matches if they can’t complete these challenges.

The game hasn’t been out for long, so it’s unknown whether 343 will adjust progression anytime soon. We’ll have to wait and see how the progression feels once the game has been given more time. Thankfully, the battle passes in Infinite will be sticking around even after the season has ended.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries