Halo Infinite Might Be Getting Buzz Lightyear Crossover DLC

According to an apparent leak, Halo Infinite might be getting Buzz Lightyear themed crossover DLC. Yes, this could really happen.

The news of the potential Buzz Lightyear crossover was revealed on Reddit with an alleged leaked screenshot. The screenshot shows a group of Warthog vehicles with coloured skins. Some of the Warthog’s look relatively inconspicuous. However, there is one skin that stands out from the crowd.

Master Chief would be buzzing with this news, right?

The Warthog in question looks to be very Buzz Lightyear themed from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series. Sure, this would be an odd collaboration and perhaps one that most Halo fans might not see happening. However, with the Buzz Lightyear movie arriving in cinemas this year, it kind of makes sense. Kind of.

Now, as with all rumours, leaks, and speculation, we must take it all with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. After all, this could simply be a photoshopped image. That being said, Halo Infinite is now a game that features cosmetic cat ears, so stranger things have happened recently.

YouTube video

What are your thoughts on the potential Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear DLC crossover? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

In our review of Halo Infinite, we said that the “sheer thrill shines through at several points, proving that there’s still life in this 20-year-old franchise. It’s now up to 343 Industries to keep it that way.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/Disney Pixar