Amouranth Calls On Twitch To Reveal Reasons For Streamer Bans

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has called on Twitch to reveal the reasons for streamer bans.

According to Amouranth, the system it has in place now is “cowardly”, designed to help Twitch avoid blame for bans. Recently, Twitch has started telling streamers the specific streams for which they were banned, but there is still a lot of confusion.

Amouranth wants that to change, so she has called on the platform to start accepting accountability for their actions. Amouranth herself has been suspended on the platform, and she spoke about it in a recent interview with VICE.

Twitch Unbans Amouranth
Credit: Amouranth

She called Twitch’s stance “ridiculous”, saying it needs to be clearer when explaining why streamers have been banned. After all, it affects many streamers livelihoods if streaming is a major source of income for them.

Why Was Amouranth Suspended?

Amouranth seems to believe her content is the reason for her ban, but she doesn’t have a clear answer. She apparently spent days working out what she did wrong, but never learned what she should avoid in the future.

“It’s ironic,” Amouranth said, “because I’m on here embracing my sexuality, and people have issues with it, when all the games teenagers and adults play on Twitch, there’s women sexualized constantly. Dead or Alive, it’s women in bikinis, GTA there’s strippers, that’s fine. It’s only real women, we can’t embrace our sexuality.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Amouranth]