Halo Infinite Is Bringing LAN Parties Back To PC

343 Industries has revealed that LAN parties will be possible on the PC version of Halo Infinite.

A new PC showcase for the game was released on October 21st, and it gave us a lot of information about what we can expect from the game when it comes out this December. One of the key takeaways from the video was that players can host Halo Infinite LAN (Local Area Network) parties from their PC. LAN supports allows people to play together locally using multiple systems.

Halo fans who have been around since the early days of Halo: Combat Evolved might be familiar with LAN parties, and it’s exciting to see that 343 is embracing a large part of what made the game’s multiplayer mode so fun for many.


PC Support

343 has claimed that Infinite has been “built from the ground up” for PC, with all the features PC players have come to expect from big titles.

YouTube video

We also got a few more details about the game in the showcase, including the confirmation of separate ranked modes.

Halo Infinite will have separate ranked options depending on what kind of controller you’re using. There will be three different ranked “hoppers” – controller only, keyboard and mouse only, and a third option with both. This is a great thing to see, as it gives players more options in competitive modes.


Additional features confirmed in the video include crossplay, cross-save and full cross-platform progression across all systems. Anti-cheat was only mentioned, with 343 committing to “respecting player’s privacy”.

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Featured image credit: 343 Industries