Halo Infinite Cheaters Are Starting To Emerge

Halo Infinite players are already finding cheaters in their games, causing some to call on 343 to disable crossplay.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is free-to-play, which is a first for the Halo franchise. Naturally, with any big online free-to-play title, you’re going to have people who try to cheat.

Unfortunately, it seems that Infinite has already got some cheaters running around. One Twitch streamer, named DougisRaw, tweeted a clip from an encounter with one of these cheaters. You can take a look for yourself below.


It’s evident that this player is cheating due to how they can predict enemy movements. And sadly, this isn’t the only report of cheating in Halo Infinite.

Cheating Fiesta

One player, Clayster, reportedly found a cheater in the fiesta playlist. Fiesta is a chaotic playlist intended for some light-hearted fun with random weapons.

It’s quite embarrassing to see cheaters are potentially ruining games in fiesta matches, which have no ranking or anything similar. Cheating has always been prevalent in gaming, but PC gaming tends to see it more often. This is amplified in free-to-play games, where cheaters can play for free and not worry about being banned.


Some players have called on 343 to add the ability to turn off crossplay with PC to help prevent this. It won’t fix the problem though, as PC players will still have to experience it if they’re unlucky enough to find a cheater. It is possible to match with controller-only players in ranked, so that could help slightly.

343 has said they will be working to prevent cheaters in their game, but as Infinite continues to evolve only time will tell if cheating becomes a mainstay. Hopefully they can find a way to mitigate it.

Have you encountered a cheater? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries