GTA 5 Heist Payouts and Roles Leaked

A number of new leaks has been surfacing online for the upcoming GTA 5 Heist game mode. The latest leaks comes in form of the Heist payouts and roles available during certain missions.

Of course, until the official word is released from Rockstar, we have to label this as rumor. One fan has found a game source code that shows off more information about the online heist missions. For instance, there are six roles available to take on which are as follows: sniper, driver, hacker, hired gun, leader and parachutist.

We’re unsure if these roles are all playable or required at the moment. One further detail released was the fact that the highest payout available for a heist is $1.5 million. This payout seems big but again we’re not sure if it’s shared among six people or not.

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