God Of War IV Leaked – First Details Revealed

Image source: Youtube.com

Leaks are becoming more and more common these days but this one is quite a big one. The latest leak seems to be a disaster for Sony as it’s not only revealed God of War 4 to be in development but has also leaked a considerable amount of assets from the game, including a brand new look for the game’s protagonist Kratos.

Image: Neogaf.com
Image: Neogaf.com

The game apparently will feature a Norse mythology setting, as the leaked assets have revealed. A website called Nerdleaks dug up a plethora of concept art from the unannounced game after veteran industry leak expert Shinobi602 disclosed the setting for the game on Twitter.

Sony wasn’t too pleased with this massive leak and both Nerdleak’s website and Twitter account have been taken down at this moment. However, all the images are still there¬†since Neogaf has archived them on its site.

Image - Youtube
Image – Youtube

Further details reveal that Kratos will be visiting several new locations including Alfheim, “Land of The Fairies”, which is one of the Nine worlds and the home to the Light Elves. The game will also feature Kratos in one or more prison levels.

The image with Kratos holding an axe is actually a playable weapon in the game. The axe can cut through vines and create bridges and walkways for our hero to traverse. The reveal trailer might be a cinematic one titled “Gorgon & Hydra” if a previous leak is to be taken seriously.

Sony Santa Monica already confirmed that it was working on a new God of War title but denied that it was going to be a prequel. This suggests it’s going to be a series reboot: a trend which has become quite common¬†in recent times.

You can expect an official announcement of the game during Sony’s E3 press conference this year or perhaps sooner due to this leak.