God Of War IV Leaked – First Details Revealed

Image source: Youtube.com Leaks are becoming more and more common these days but this one is quite a big one. The latest leak seems to be a disaster for Sony as it’s not only revealed God of War 4 to be in development but has also leaked a considerable amount of assets from the game, … Read more

God Of War Developers Working On Their “Next Big PlayStation 4 Game”

Santa Monica Studios, one of Sony’s biggest exclusive developers, are working on their “next big PlayStation 4 game”. The God of War developer is currently in the process of hiring nearly 50 developers in various positions for the game. They are looking to fill up positions like senior game play programmer, associate game designer, senior environment artists and many more as … Read more

God of War IV Pre-order boxes spotted!

Alot of rumors about God of War IV been hiting the net throughout out the year.Last Thursday Sony posted a new images on their official Facebook,   assuming what the image says. “Will vengeance Bring Redemption”Feel more God of War Like! which will be revealed on April 19th IGN reader named Tyla Daniels surprise everybody with God of War IV pre-order Box.Check it out  below … Read more

God of War IV Announcement Coming Next Week?

Sony will announce something next week. They  posted an  image on their Facebook page a few hours ago.But the image have alot of connection with God of Wa IV. Check out the image below’   Many folks believe Sony will announce God of War IV  – assuming what the image says. “Will vengeance Bring Redemption”Feel more God … Read more