Genius Speed Wheel 6 MT Review

This is actually the first product we received from Genuis that we have a chance to review. Genius is a brand which specializes in computer peripherals. They provide a wide range of products. The company offers products including computer mice, keyboards, speakers, gaming peripherals, headphones, digital cameras, digital camcorders and more.

With Speed Wheel 6 MT compatible with the PS3, users will finally be able to experience the realistic driving of racing world simulated on their consoles. Speed Wheel 6 MT provides the player with the option for using manual transmission and foot pedals making it more realistic to experience.


Game sensitivity wise, now with an actual driving wheel you would expect to get a more realistic feeling as if you where really driving a real car, but you do get the complete opposite of what you would expect. Like for instance, making sharp turns was difficult to accomplish compared to using a controller. Also the car would turn late and there was no resistance in the wheel to make me feel like I had to keep control of the car but hardcore gamers will find it very impressive and wouldn’t mind this.

The buttons on the wheel can be a little complicated sometimes. They are too close together. Pressing one at the time, you can  end up pressing all the buttons at once which then gives you the feeling of you button mashing which makes it difficult to to do one thing without losing focus for a few seconds which can prove decisive in a driving game.


Now there are some good qualities about Speed Wheel 6 as well. Shifting gears is very easy so if you love to drive in manual you would like the Speed Wheel 6 MT. Overall I like it. If you  love racing games and want yourself a real challenge, I recommend you to get a Genius Speed Wheel 6  MT. The steering wheel and the break pedals offers you the best driving experience and give you the feeling as if you are in game.

Besides its obvious flaws, the racing wheel from Genius manages to hold its own in the market flooded with racing wheels and emerges as one of the better ones. If you’re a racing fan and own a PS3, but are yet to buy a racing wheel, Speed Wheel 6 MT is definitely worth a purchase.

Rating – 3/5