GameStop Surviving With Digital Content

GameStop, like most of the brick-and-mortar stores that revolves around video games, might have been in trouble if Sony and Microsoft ended the used video game game market with their latest consoles. However, with GameStop, the company is surviving and making a very nice profit not just because of used video games but digital content.

Tony Bartel, GameStop president, talked with VentureBeat where he discussed how the stores are currently doing in today’s latest generation of consoles. Because the push for digital content is becoming greater and greater, most would assume that GameStop would be closing their doors in no time. Although, if it wasn’t for digital content, GameStop might not be thriving.

Most of our digital revenue comes from our brick-and-mortar stores,” Bartel said. “The console digital is predominantly things like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo eShop cards. Then there’s downloadable content, which is fast-growing in the console digital.

Tony continues to say that one of their top sellers in terms of digital content is seasonal passes. Most gamers are picking up season passes, for instance, Ubisoft has been a big hitter and over 70% of season passes were for Ubisoft games within Q1.

Another reason GameStop is doing so well in Tony Bartel’s eyes is because of the human contact. You can’t simply ask questions when you go online and purchase digital content. However, GameStop is operated by knowledgeable associates which can answer your questions.

2013 alone brought GameStop over $724 million and for this year, their digital revenue is up 9.5%.