Gamer’s Video Sparks Outrage over Call of Duty WWII’s Realism for this reason

After three consecutive futuristic titles, Call of Duty has returned to it’s roots with Call Of Duty WWII, a flagship first person shooter set during the second world war. Trading Karma-45’s for grease guns, the return to a game rooted in a real historical period excited many gamers who enjoy the feel of combat in a more realistic enviornment.

That’s why a killing spree video from a popular YouTuber has some gamers questioning the games realism. In a comedic highlight video from YouTuber Willy Mammoth, he can be seen going on one of the most prolific shovel massacres in gaming history:

YouTube video

The problem is, many gamers were dissapointed about what this highlight video says about the games supposed “realism” when a player could absorb several point blank rounds from a machine gun, but still charge in and get the kill with a one hit melee weapon. The core complaint is that the gamification of the melee mechanics are compromising the gameplay integrity.