Gamer Spends Over 200 hours Rendering a 1:1 Version of San Francisco

Even though Watch Dogs 2 will allow us to play in the famous Californian city of San Francisco when it releases this month, one gamer has gone one step further in recreating the City by the Bay. In a modded version of Cities:Skylines, which is a city-building simulation game that can be found on Steam amongst other places, the gamer spent around 200-250 hours in recreating the city in amazing detail. Check out a gallery of screenshots of his creation down below:

The dedication to the project by the gamer was incredible. The gamer used Google Maps as a reference point throughout the recreation and adhered to how the city looked in real life as to painstakingly render it in the virtual world. Ultimately, the game reached the building limit in the game which shows how detailed the creation was.

Buildings themselves were not the only thing built by the player though. Alongside whole neighbourhoods and rows of houses, the gamer also built a forrest and woodlands areas that surround the concrete jungle of San Francisco.


Alongside generic rows of houses etc. all the famous sights of the city are included such as the Golden Gate Bridge, pier 39 and Lombard Street.

What is perhaps most surprising, scary so, is that the gamer recreated the virtual San Francisco while studying for a PhD. On reddit, the gamer writes that:

“I defended my PhD last winter, had to work 14 hours a day during 3 months at the end (and a way more than 35 hours a week before and after), still I find the way to play 1300 hours to this game.”

What is next for the gamer? Well, the user has hinted that the neighbouring area of Oakland may be next. There’s no stopping in his virtual architectural career yet.

San Francisco 1:1 recreation