Gamer recreates Zombie Videogame chase in real life

A team of Youtubers called Ampisound has come out with an amazing live-action video recreating an adrenaline pumping Zombie chase sequence. They decided to take things a few notches higher by allowing the zombies to do Parkour stunts.

The results are astounding and you’ll feel an incredible rush of blood as you watch the sequence. The video features two survivors who, while looking for a missing ally, get caught up in a bigger mess than they would’ve imagined: involving parkour zombies.

You’re put into the hero’s perspective as he tries to escape an horrible fate, running through rooftops, doing cool Parkour stunts, all while dodging equally agile zombies. The video’s been supported by a mobile game called Last Empire Z, which looks pretty interesting.


You can download the game here, if you’re into zombies and all.

Check out the epic video below –

YouTube video