Gamer discovers the most absurd Battlegrounds feature, turns it into effective winning strategy

PLAYERUNKOWN’s Battlegrounds is quickly turning into one of the most popular online games. At first, most players brushed off Battlegrounds as just another H1Z1: King of the Kill clone, but the game has proven to be a real competitor in the battle royale genre.


Recently, YouTuber Sir Lance figured out an excellent (although cheesy) tactic to win a round of Battlegrounds with relative ease – hide in a flipped car for as long as possible. Sir Lance and one of his friends accidentally flipped their car, but instead of climbing out of the car, they just stayed inside it until they were forced out by the damaging electrical field that restricts the play area. Using this tactic, they were able to avoid enemy players by staying in the flipped car. Other players passed by the flipped car without bothering to check whether or not there was anyone inside because who in their right mind would stay in a flipped sedan? Geniuses. That’s who.

Unfortunately, other players (like redditor omnomanom, shown above) are starting to catch on to the tactic. After Sir Lance posted this video about hiding in flipped sedans, his idea went viral. Now, players who follow the game closely on YouTube or Reddit have wised up to the tactic.