Game Developer Breaks Down Complicated Destiny Lore Into Single Tweet Thread

Destiny lore is expansive and never-ending, and can be a little hard to comprehend at times, but this tweet thread explains is all.

The thread stemmed from a humourous post from TheGamer journalist Cian Maher. With the reveal of the Witch Queen, Cian joked that Duolingo should add a Destiny option, so he could “learn to understand what people on Twitter are talking about”. Game developer and spokesperson Rami Ismail then claimed that he could explain… but it would take “75 tweets“. And so it commenced.

What followed was an epic and straight to the point run down of Destiny lore. And it was brilliant.

Credit: Twitter

Destiny Lore

Ismail started by explaining that the guardians are, in fact, space zombies. Revived by Ghosts, Guardians have been dead for centuries before you start shooting up aliens with them. He explains that the Traveller, Destiny version of the Force, aided the golden age as humans colonized the solar system.

The tweet thread goes on to detail the various conflicts of Destiny’s universe. It covers everything from the Traveller to the species of Earth, and more. I played a lot of the first Destiny back in the day, and quite often the story can be forgotten over its fun gameplay loop. However, Destiny lore is incredibly expansive, and any fan should pay attention to it.

Source: WCCFtech

There is way too much in the tweet thread to cover in this single article. But for those intrigued by Destiny lore, then this is a fantastic start. Things are about to get exciting as well, as the Witch Queen is set to introduce Hive with Guardian abilities.

You can read the entire tweet thread here, but channels such as My Name is Byf are great if you want to dive a little deeper.

Do you understand Destiny lore now, or is it still a bit confusing? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: Bungie/ Gamerant