This League Of Legends Player’s Level Was So High It Led To Their Arrest

In a wild coincidence, one League of Legends player’s high rank caught the attention of the police and resulted in an arrest.

Internet cafes are all the rage in China. They are quite the popular destination for League of Legends players to gather. One such player was an off-duty police officer, Zhang Yihao, who was playing League with some friends.

Internet cafes will often announce when a high-levelled player logs into the server. This usually leads to LoL players checking out the high-levelled player’s set-up. However, in an unexpected twist, this caught the attention of Officer Yihao.

Credit: Riot Games


Originally reported by Chinese site, the article told that recognising the name of the player, Officer Yihao and his partner circled the unknowing LoL player. Once close enough, they confirmed that this high-levelled player was a wanted criminal.

It is reported that the criminal wanted to complete his match before any arrest was made. Surprisingly, Officer Yihao and his off-duty partner complied, but claimed that the criminal “lost miserably”.

There is no word on what the League of Legend player was wanted for, but had to be substantial enough to warrant the recognition of his name.


We still don’t know why the LoL player was wanted for arrest. However, it had to have been serious enough for Officer Yihao to recognise his name. A news report of the event was posted on YouTube, and clearly shows the arrest, and wanted player walking into the police station in handcuffs.

YouTube video

Arresting a high-profile criminal probably wasn’t what Zhang Yihao was expecting to do during a League of Legends session. But it was likely a coincidence he was happy to have come across. At least it wasn’t as unexpected as your high-level leading to your own arrest. One things for sure however, I’m not going to forget this League of Legends arrest anytime soon.

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Featured Image Credit: Seoul Insider’s Guide