Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Will Introduce Hive Guardians

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is one of the most anticipated expansions the game has ever seen, with the introduction of Hive Guardians.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Destiny 2 and its massive expansion, The Witch Queen. That hype only grew after the expansion was revealed last night during the Destiny showcase.

After years of throwing slightly varied versions of pre-existing enemy types, Destiny 2 is changing the Hive in a way that could change the game. With the rise of The Witch Queen, the enemy now has the Guardians’ greatest weapon: the light.

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Same Hive, New Tricks

The Witch Queen, Savathûn, has been watching the Guardians for years, and has somehow managed to gain control of the light. That means that some Hive will come with their own nifty Ghosts, which will bring them back from the dead.

That’s not all, however, as Hive will also gain the super abilities of Guardians, such as Thundercrash and Blade Barrage. This could be one of the greatest mix-ups to Destiny 2’s already stellar gameplay.

Credit: Bungie

Guardians will have a whole new region to explore in The Throne World, which ranges from boggy swamps to imposing castles. This latest expansion will come with a new raid, a new Crucible mode, a new crafting system, the new Glaive weapon and a story to fight through. Oh, and lots of armour and weapons of course.


While The Witch Queen is still some time away. However, Guardians have the Season of the Lost to work through, which just kicked off today. The new season finally saw the introduction of crossplay, meaning platform seperated Fireteams could finally pair up.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen will launch on February 22nd next year. It will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia.

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Featured Image Credit: Bungie