‘Captain America: Civil War’ May Have as Many as Three Post-Credits Scene

Post-credits scenes have been a Marvel Cinematic Universe tradition for a while, and that’s not going to change with Captain America: Civil War. How do three post-credits scenes sound? In addition to being Marvel’s longest movie at 147 minutes, Civil War will force the audience to stay a little while longer because of those extra scenes. “We can’t … Read more

X-Men Go to War in New ‘Apocalypse’ Trailer

Every X-Men fan who grew up in the ’90s know that Apocalypse is no joke. Professor Xavier’s students will find out the hard way for the first time on the silver screen in the upcoming Apocalypse. Bryan Singer’s next X-Men installment, which hits theaters on May 17, brought another trailer to the Internet today. See if you can spot William Stryker amidst … Read more

Disney Confirms There Will Be Another ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

The reaction to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was mixed at best. But one Harrison Ford leg surgery and a few Shia LaBeouf public breakdowns later, here we are, waiting for a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Disney confirmed today that the 73-year-old actor will return for a fifth installment of Indiana Jones. The untitled entry is … Read more

First Star Wars: Episode VIII Photos Show Off New Aliens And More

Source: techgenmag.com Most of the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII was done behind closed doors in the initial couple of weeks. Things have changed now as director Rian Johnson has moved the production to Dubrovnik in Croatia. As the filming is being done outdoors, a few spy photos has surfaced online. Here are some some tweets which show some … Read more